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Outdoor Outlets and Faucets

Outdoor Outlets & Faucets 101

Outdoor electrical outlets have now become a customary element in any house. Same applies for the outdoor faucet too. Certain things such as safety features are often neglected and not considered in standard outlets. These features do not arise in homeowner’s mind. So, if you wish to avert any disaster in your home, it is very important to be informed regarding dangers that can arise and also how ideal outdoor outlets and faucets can play an important role here. Moreover, you must know what sort of precautions you need to take to safeguard yourself from personal damage and home dent before any disaster strikes.

Outdoor Electrical Outlets—An Intro

The introduction of GFCI outlet or ground fault circuit interrupter is the only reason why outdoor outlets are secure. GFCI outlet splits the electric current whilst electricity seeps into ground (in most cases, electricity runs through you). Whenever while working around hot tubs, pools & puddles or in wet atmosphere outside, you might have often experienced mild electric shocks from ground but you never experience this while being served well at your neighborhood barbeque. And the only difference here is installation of GFCI outlet. Call the cavalry and get the work done quickly in case there is no GFCI unit installed for all outdoor electrical outlets.

Other Safety Precautions

Apart from ensuring whether GFCI units are installed in all the outdoor electrical outlets, you must also buy some good covers which protect the outlet units from water contact, even though power tools as well as appliances are plugged up. Also, you need to refrain from working outdoors with all the electrically powered instruments and equipments when the atmosphere is wet outside. By simply adhering to these advices you can drastically lower the chances of inflicting any electrical related damage.

Tips for Outdoor Faucet

Outdoor faucet may not cause much damage to you but can greatly damage your home. Rapid changes in the temperature causes the older faucets to freeze, thereby bursting the pipes which in turn can create havoc in the basement as well as in crawlspace. To prevent this damage, you need to install outdoor faucets that are frost proof. Faucets like these prevent your pipes from bursting during various fronts. Firstly, majority of such faucets have built in anti-siphon sill cock which avoids freezing. They get attached to the home’s plumbing well inside the structure, which helps in eliminating any chance that iced water would expand at any joints, where usually damages in pipe occurs.

Install Outdoor Electrical Outlets

Other Tips

The best way to safeguard your home is to install a frost proof faucet; however certain common sense assessment will assist you to prevent any major plumbing disaster. If there is a predication of hard frost in your area then unhook all the hoses before freezing strikes. Hoses stop the water from draining completely due to which water in pipes to do its damaging work. Fix and shut all the faucets tightly before cold wave sets in for the similar reason.



Contact an Expert

GFCI units & frost proof faucets work best only when installed properly. If they are incorrectly set, it will only provide you with a false sense of safety and it can be also bigger safety risk to individuals thinking that they and your house are protected. Call and speak to an expert certified electrician or plumber to ensure whether your GFCI’s as well as frost proof faucets are installed properly. These measures will not allow you to re-think twice concerning your protection or the integrity of your house.


Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized Window Treatments

Window treatment systems that have motorized components come is a variety of configurations. The motors are usually installed in the headrails of the windows that have venetian blinds, shades or wooden blinds. Windows that have roller shades accommodate the motor in the tube section of the window. In window fitting that move horizontally for example, drapes, have to have tracks installed. The motors are concealed form one side and hang on the rail on the other side.


During the construction of a home, it is important to plan for the type of window system you would like to have. This makes it easier to plan the wiring required for the system. Some systems require high voltage wiring that can be be drawn from your home’s electrical sockets. However, some systems require low voltage wiring, which is safer but needs to planned in advance. Motorized window treatments work on alternating current from you electrical outlets or on direct current from a battery or a transformer. These batteries or transformers can be concealed in the walls as well during construction.
Alternating current is mostly required for windows treatments that are heavy as these require more powerful motors. A battery working on direct current is sufficient for windows treatments that are smaller or have light material.
In cases where it is not certain if a battery can take the load of the material used for the blind, it is always safer to use a high voltage motor. A battery or DC motor can be connected to the wiring set up for a high voltage motor. The reverse however is not possible.

The choice of motorized window blind as well as the source of current depend on the specific needs of the home. So it is important to decide what kind of motorized window treatments you want when you are looking at the blue prints of your new home.

The windows blinds with motorized systems are wired to be connected to a main electric panel. Before installing a motorized window treatments it is also important to take into consideration any rules and building codes that the local community might have with regard to safety and power consumption.

If you’re still looking for motorized window treatments, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of wiring, call our friends at Stamper’s Blinds Gallery! They have battery-powered, long-lasting motorized window treatments that are a fantastic alternative to traditional wired blinds.


Protect Your Home With Home Security Lighting

Use Preventive Measures To Protect Your Home With Home Security Lighting

One of the most vital aspects of owning a home is to make sure that your home is as secure and safe as it can be. Although many of the simple things, such as securing your windows and locking your doors might seem like common sense, outdoor security lighting could be just as vital. Where locks and other methods of safety can stop a burglary, security lighting that is well-placed can both keep you safe from criminals as well as provide you with safety while you are outside of the home. Here are just a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are having security lighting installed for your home in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati.

Incorporate Motion Sensors

These motion sensors will be able to detect any motion by using passive infrared technology. This will be able to provide you with an earlier warning system that someone might be close to your home, as well as scare off anyone that gets too close to your home.

Enhance Surveillance

Besides just bringing more light to dark spaces and increasing your home’s visibility, a lighting system outdoors can be a large influence on helping surveillance cameras. There are times when a perfect video is ruined due to an insufficient amount of light in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati. If you have a surveillance system for your home, ensure that the areas you are monitoring have good lighting during night, therefore you will get clear footage.

Use Smart Timers

The primary purpose to having security lighting is to make it seem like your home is always occupied, specifically when it isn’t. In order to do this, think about placing your outdoor security lighting on timers, therefore it will turn off and on at a specific time. To make your home even more secure, use these timers on a good amount of your interior lights too, to make it seem as if someone is home.

Select Professional Installation

Although you have many choices between DIY kits for you to install, having your system installed professionally by Rose Brothers & Sons Electric can make a huge difference. The initial thing you will see about the professional systems, is the equipment quality is far more advanced. Furthermore, by having your lighting installed professionally, this will ensure that it is connected properly to a reliable source of power. Since the lighting will be useless without a good source of power, it pays to ensure that both the primary and the back-up sources of power are good.

Where Should I Illuminate?

One of the greatest questions that a lot of individuals have is where they should be illuminating. The rule is very simple: illuminate all the shadowed, dark areas that are around your home. This may include any crannies and nooks. With that being said, there are many areas that will benefit from a home lighting system. A garage, for instance, is a very common place to install a set of security lights that are motion sensor activated. These lights, when adjusted properly, will turn on when a person or vehicle enters into your driveway, which illuminates the path. Porches, doorways and other types of entryways are great for installing security lights. Whether you plan on installing more motion sensor lights, or always in one spot, it is very important that you keep these places illuminated during the night.

Home Security Lighting – Beauty, Security and Safety

Lighting up the important places of your home, such as entryways and the doors of your garage may go a long way in improving how secure and safe your home is. On the other hand, doing this might scare away anyone that thinks of breaking into your house. Also, security lighting installed by Rose Brothers & Sons Electric will help light the way when you are trying to enter your own home during the night, to help you avoid falls and trips. It might even help make it simpler finding the keyhole when you are opening your front door.


Lighting Ideas For Your Basement

Many homeowners dream of remodeling their basements, but don’t know where to start. One of the easiest ways to transform your basement into a useable living space is to install great lighting. Depending on your choice of lighting, you may need professional help from an Electrician in Northern Kentucky. Several options are available for basement lighting; the best option depends upon the desired function of the remodeled room.

Overhead Lighting

Homeowners who would like lighting for the entire room may choose overhead lighting. Florescent lighting is typically the best choice because it is brighter, long-lasting, and energy-saving. While this choice may be the best for the long term, most homeowners will not be able to safely install this lighting choice independently. They should contact an Electrician in Northern Kentucky to install overhead lighting in their basement. Families who would like to use the basement regularly as an additional space in their home should consider this option.

Floor Lamps

Another option for lighting in a basement is floor lamps. This selection might work best for homeowners who desire a workstation or movie theater atmosphere in the space. This option is original and stylish. While the floor lamps could all operate independently, a more convenient option for use would be to have them wired to work together on a switch. Homeowners who would like to have floor lamps operate simultaneously will require professional help to achieve this effect. This option creates an ambiance that lends itself to more relaxed, subdued activity.

Hanging Lights

Finally, hanging lights are an option for basement lighting. These lights may also incorporate a decorative scheme. For instance, the color of the fixture may complement the colors of the decorative scheme. Other decorative ideas might include Chinese lanterns or even Christmas lights. Homeowners have a wide array of choices should they choose hanging lights as their ideal option for lighting in their basement. This option may appeal most to those homeowners who have an established decorative theme as a priority and wish to enhance that theme with lighting.

Electricity can be dangerous. A consultation with an Electrician in Northern Kentucky will provide you with advice and guidance when choosing what lighting option is best for your basement. A professional will also be able to complete the install should the option chosen be outside of your skill set. If you decide to complete the project independently, extreme caution should be observed during all levels of the project. If you have any doubt about your ability to complete the project, contact your friends at Rose Brothers & Sons for help. The cost of professional help far outweighs the potential dangers that come when mistakes are made while working with electricity!

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