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Electrical Upgrades: What You Need To Know

Electrical Upgrades: What You Need To Know

As we buy more and more powerful electrical equipment, it’s often the case that the electrical system in houses just isn’t capable of supplying enough power, particularly in homes built many years ago that were not designed with today’s needs in mind. An upgrade of the electrical system is often necessary. The more you inform yourself about these systems, the better you’ll be able to explain to your electrical contractor in Florence KY what you are aiming for in an upgrade.

By researching and carefully planning your upgrade, you can ensure that you not only have plenty of power for your current needs, but also for your future needs. If you are adding an outdoor circuit for a garage, wiring a new or remodelled kitchen, or even adding new circuits for an extension, you should take into account the peak usage of the system, and plan your electrical service accordingly. One of the worst things you can do is spend a small fortune on an upgrade that doesn’t upgrade enough, requiring another small fortune to upgrade down the line.

First, check that the mains coming into the fuse board are rated high enough. For example, a lot of older houses will have a 60 amp main circuit breaker. This needs to be uprated to 100 amp or more, which may require the mains line being uprated also. A 100 amp circuit breaker is enough for most homes, but if you have a lot of powerful equipment such as in a garage, you may require more headroom. It is necessary for a licensed electrician to carry out this work.

While tackling electrical wiring yourself is not a good idea, it is important to understand what will be needed to update your house. This prevents miscommunication when talking with your electrical contractor in Northern Kentucky.

If you plan on adding a whole new circuit, you should check your circuit breaker panel for free slots. For each 120 volt circuit you plan on adding you will need one free slot, and for every 240 volt circuit you will need two slots. Though some homeowners may be intimidated by this panel, you should have no problems finding the size of the circuit breakers and locating any empty slots. If there are no free slots on the circuit breaker panel, you will need a separate sub panel installed.

It must be stressed that any electrical work carried out should be done by a licensed, competent professional. Depending on local laws, any work carried out may require a review by an electrical engineer to ensure that the work has been completed in a safe manner, and conforms to local electrical and building codes. While it might seem like a shortcut to get an “under the table” job done, you could find yourself in a lot of bother for doing so. Without having the proper permits and relevant inspections carried out, you could have trouble when you come to sell your home. You could even have your home insurance invalidated because of a house fire due to incompetent workmanship.

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Lighting Ideas For Your Basement

Many homeowners dream of remodeling their basements, but don’t know where to start. One of the easiest ways to transform your basement into a useable living space is to install great lighting. Depending on your choice of lighting, you may need professional help from an Electrician in Northern Kentucky. Several options are available for basement lighting; the best option depends upon the desired function of the remodeled room.

Overhead Lighting

Homeowners who would like lighting for the entire room may choose overhead lighting. Florescent lighting is typically the best choice because it is brighter, long-lasting, and energy-saving. While this choice may be the best for the long term, most homeowners will not be able to safely install this lighting choice independently. They should contact an Electrician in Northern Kentucky to install overhead lighting in their basement. Families who would like to use the basement regularly as an additional space in their home should consider this option.

Floor Lamps

Another option for lighting in a basement is floor lamps. This selection might work best for homeowners who desire a workstation or movie theater atmosphere in the space. This option is original and stylish. While the floor lamps could all operate independently, a more convenient option for use would be to have them wired to work together on a switch. Homeowners who would like to have floor lamps operate simultaneously will require professional help to achieve this effect. This option creates an ambiance that lends itself to more relaxed, subdued activity.

Hanging Lights

Finally, hanging lights are an option for basement lighting. These lights may also incorporate a decorative scheme. For instance, the color of the fixture may complement the colors of the decorative scheme. Other decorative ideas might include Chinese lanterns or even Christmas lights. Homeowners have a wide array of choices should they choose hanging lights as their ideal option for lighting in their basement. This option may appeal most to those homeowners who have an established decorative theme as a priority and wish to enhance that theme with lighting.

Electricity can be dangerous. A consultation with an Electrician in Northern Kentucky will provide you with advice and guidance when choosing what lighting option is best for your basement. A professional will also be able to complete the install should the option chosen be outside of your skill set. If you decide to complete the project independently, extreme caution should be observed during all levels of the project. If you have any doubt about your ability to complete the project, contact your friends at Rose Brothers & Sons for help. The cost of professional help far outweighs the potential dangers that come when mistakes are made while working with electricity!

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